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      總公司來安貿易有限公司位于香港西營盤水街47號3/F。Head office LA TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Is located at 3/F, 47, WATER STREET, SAI YING PUN, HONG KONG.
      +86-769-8116 7636
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      概述  Overview

      Semi-Automatic System

      At Polywealth we incorporated the semi-automatic bag making (converting) machine system with fully automated options and allows small to medium size bags on roll to be sealed and winded efficiently. Also the roll of bags can be automatically applied into a POF heat shrink wrap. The shrink wrap is recognized by many retailers as one of the most presentable and cost effective method of packaging for the plastic bag on roll products.

      Our semi-automatic bag converting system are available with flat or T-shirt or star-sealed bags on roll (available), as well as draw tape (drawstring) bags on roll whether it is interleaved or perforated, with various conveyor lengths depending upon the speed required and the nature of the product.

      Our semi-automatic machines can allow flexibility for different bag width/length as well as various desired roll diameter (pcs/roll).

      The semi-automatic system not only enhances our productivity/efficiency, it also help us to save labour cost by up to 30%. Ultimately provides a cost effective, flexible and reliable solution that add to our competitiveness.


      Features and Benefits

      Greatly increase productivity and efficiency

      Safe & Secure Sealing for plastic bags with any thickness

      Double checking product parameter (length & pcs/roll)

      Product can be passed through a metal detector after sealing

      Tilted Conveyor option for loose product (automatic folding available)

      Various conveyor lengths and widths available to suit output requirements

      Up to 50,000 Seals between reel changes for long production runs

      Full detection systems to ensure correct application of seals

      Stainless steel construction

      Designed for reliability and low maintenance to minimize downtime


              Polywealth半自動系統在我們納入制完全自動化選項 (轉換) 機系統半自動袋和允許小到中等大小袋輥密封并有效地喘不過氣。也卷袋 POF 熱收縮包裝成可以自動應用。收縮包裝被公認的很多零售商袋包裝最像樣和成本有效的方法之一對輥產品。 我們半自動包轉換系統可帶平面或 t 恤或星封袋上的滾 (可用),以及在輥上繪制磁帶 (拉繩) 袋,是否它是交錯或穿孔,各種輸送機長度取決于所需的速度和產品的性質。  我們的半自動機器可以允許不同袋寬度或長度,以及各種所需的卷徑 (pc/卷) 的靈活性。 半自動系統不僅提高了我們的生產率,它也幫助我們節省勞動成本達 30%。最終提供成本有效、 靈活和可靠的解決方案,將添加到我們的競爭力。  功能和好處大大提高生產率和效率安全與安全密封的塑料袋與任何厚度檢查產品參數 (長度與 pc/輥) 產品可以通過金屬探測器封口松動產品 (自動折疊可用) 的傾斜式輸送機選項后各種輸送機長度和寬度可滿足輸出要求到 50,000 之間的密封卷軸長生產變化的雙運行完全檢測系統,以確保正確應用密封不銹鋼結構的可靠性設計和低維護,盡量減少停機時間

      +86-769-8116 7636
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